Exchange Wishlists with friends and fulfil their wishes!

We created the app so your friends always know what to get you and when the closest occasion is.


Did you know that...

  • 25%

    Exactly how many people are dissatisfied with the gifts they've been given or keep them in the closet.

  • up to 40%

    people have difficulty choosing gifts.

  • 30%

    About the same number of people forget or miss important dates of their family and friends.

  • up to 20%

    gift returns are increasing during the Christmas and New Year's period in the U.S. (and beyond).

We figured out how to fix it! 🥳

Make your Wishlist and mark important dates in Giftary, then share with everyone on your contact list!

  • 60 people

    looks at Giftary daily

  • 76 gifts

    on the longest Wishlist

  • 29 gifts

    booked by one user

  • 900

    new users this year

  • 200 people

    shared their wishlists

  • 591

    wishlist filled

Now's the time to create a Wishlist and put your first wishes on it!

Share the list with friends in the browser or invite them to join you in the app. The more contacts who install Giftary for themselves and complete their profiles, the fewer holidays you'll forget and unnecessary gifts you'll give.

Create Wishlist 

build your wishlist

Write your wishes on a wishlist.

Add descriptions and links so your friends won't make the wrong choice.

  • to book gifts

    Book gifts in other wishlists.

    Don't forget to choose and book a gift for a friend so no one else buys them the same one!

  • get events

    Calendar of Events

    Stay up to date with significant events and desired gifts for anyone on your contact list.

  • share your wishlist

    Share your Wishlist on social media and through this link.

    ...and the Wishlists of your friends and family!

secret santa

Let's Play Secret Santa?

Organise a game of Secret Santa at home, for friends or at work. And Giftary will help you organise everything. New Year is a great reason to secretly fulfil someone's wish!

Play Secret Santa! 🎅🏼


Anna W.

So how do I create a Wishlist?

Creating a Wishlist is easy! ✨

  • 1

    Download Giftary

    Download Giftary - it's available on the App Store and Play Market - and sign up for the app using your phone number.

  • 2

    Add a Gift.

    It can be anything from vanilla candles to a trip to the Maldives. Add a link to the gift so friends and family know where to find it!

  • 3

    Share Wishlist

    Friends and family in your contact list who have Giftary installed can always see your wishlist for themselves. To share it with others just click Share in the top right corner!

Download Giftary, fill your Wishlist and share it with your friends. The holidays are just around the corner!  🎁